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Montessori Preschool
With dedicated space, both inside and outside, it's easy to see how

SG Montessori Preschool

is focused on providing a quality preschool education in Rita Ranch of Vail near Tucson.
Preschool children need a different environment than adults to achieve their true potential. The prepared environment for each Montessori classroom

allows children to develop freely

and individually in an environment that limits hindrances and is proportionate to their size.
The Montessori classroom is the essence of organization and self discipline An outdoor environment is essential to a Montessori Program Children are free to enjoy an environment designed for learning Writing is not pushed but is fostered and encouraged Montessori activities are both fun and academic to create a life long love for learning Complex meanings are hidden in every Montessori tool to allow for smooth transitions to more difficult concepts Independence is harnessed by allowing the growing child to gain confidence with everyday activites Knowledge of basic concepts will help children to build a strong foundation Children are able to use their senses to see and even feel the numbers Folding requires both dexterity and focus. This also has hidden meanings of shapes and mathematics, such as fractions Understanding elements will help children to better grasp the world around them In a fun way this child has discovered both magnetic and non-magnetic materials By sorting items children can learn to quickly identify variations in all things Children gain joy with every new discovery Caring for the environment is an important aspect in a Montessori Preschool The classroom is proportioned for the children to have freedom and confidence without having dependency on an adult Creativity is broadened through music and art The children examine the world around them All tools are within reach to allow the most independence of the children An assortment of tools are available for our toddlers Utilization of the You're Baby Can Read! program is essential to language development