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Montessori Preschool
SG Montessori Preschool provides a unique set of benefits to parents. Key benefits include: Nanny-cam available to view from anywhere with internet access, Weekly progress reports of your

preschool child

to include favorite Montessori tool used and strong and weak areas of interest.

Maximizing Your Role as a Parent

With work and home responsibilities we at

SG Montessori Preschool

realize that it is not always easy to keep up with your child’s progress in preschool. We have developed targeted ways for you to stay connected to your child and their learning progress. By securely logging in we are able to bring custom information regarding your child. You will see:

  • Monthly Progress Reports: This progress report will keep you up to date on your preschool child’s activities and interests in the Montessori classroom. It will give you information about what Montessori tools your child is most frequently working with and what that tool is teaching; as well as helpful suggestions on how to cultivate your child’s interests in the home.

  • Special Events: Announcements for special events like field trips, parent’s night, etc.

  • School Calendar: a full year calendar indicating school breaks, teacher in-service days, teacher conference days, etc.